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Shade with style

Our new translucent shading system solution is designed to give any structure an all-encompassing HQE (high quality environment). This ultra-smart design replaces the need for a more costly mechanical louvre system.

Danpashade Aura Image 1
  • Multiple colours at one time
  • Optimized daylight : controlling the sun's contribution for luminous and thermal comfort
  • Ease of installation with notched double-raised connectors
  • Horizontal or vertical
  • Temperature control
  • Going green
Application variants
Aura cover fr

The unique Z-Frame internal structure utilizes a zigzag like design that limits glare and solar radiation, while still permitting sufficient natural light. DanpaShade Aura also transforms dull shade into welcoming illuminated shade.

And because our louvers are bespoke, you can determine the colour and opacity of the illuminated shade.

brise soleil 3D

brise soleil 3D

Shade with comfort

Temperature control

Keep cool in summer and comfortable in winter without relying so heavily on your HVAC system. Aura’s energy efficient system helps your building to reduce solar radiation and reflect your style with one shading solution.

schéma légendé bs aura

Shade with the times

The featherweight construction of the Aura system can be elegantly retrofitted to almost any building without damage to the building’s façade. And should you ever need a change of style, simply switch out the louvres and reset the mood.

Shade with impact

Any two colours you desire

Make a statement with Aura’s revolutionary shading solution. The fin-shaped panel carries two alternating colours and textures specified to your unique choice.
Experience a colour-shift effect that brings the building to life. As your viewing angle changes, the colours blend and reveal to give your structure a fresh look every time.

Optimized daylight

Upgrade your building’s interior and soak up the new aura of the improved atmosphere. The upgraded high-quality environment is achieved when sunlight is filtered through our advanced Z-Frame internal panel structure. Most of the harsh sunlight is blocked by the angled opaque fin, whilst a small amount of light is allowed through, via the alternating vertical translucent fin. Once the natural light enters the interior, the quality of light is transformed and controlled, into a welcoming diffuse hue.

brise soleil 3D

brise soleil 3D

Shade your way

Horizontal or Vertical

There’s more than one way to style a building. DanpaShade’s Aura system can be installed horizontally, vertically or both, on the same building. To add that extra touch, Aura’s aluminium bracket fittings enable each fin to be installed at three separate angles, 90°, 45° and 22.5°.

b s horizontal

b s vertical

Shade with care

Going green should never go out of style

DanpaShade Aura lowers a building’s heat without curbing the benefits of natural light, thus reducing the use of air conditioning and electric lighting. We’ll help you achieve the latest Green Building standards or governmental building efficiency regulations and set you on the path to having a Net-Zero building.


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Colour game

Our style office has created a palette of modern shades for you to give free rein to your desires. Consult us, we will assist you in choosing the ideal colors and finishes for your project.

jeux de couleurs

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