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LIGHT AT THE MOVIES, Ciné 32 (Auch, France)

The small local movie theatres of the post-war era directly inspired the design of a new cinema in Auch managed by the association Ciné32. The five opaque walls facing the street, which feature oldstyle pediments and are each identified by a large digit, are covered with wooden cladding in a chevron pattern laid out as lattice. In contrast with the screening rooms, the sixth volume, a large lobby with the offices of the association on a mezzanine, play with light and transparency.
LIGHT AT THE MOVIES, Ciné 32 (Auch, France) Image 1   LIGHT AT THE MOVIES, Ciné 32 (Auch, France) Image 2

“We wanted natural indoor lighting during the day, especially since at night this section, which has become a luminous signboard for the cinema, attracts the eye and guides viewers to it”, Nicola Delon, the architect, explains.

This function is provided by a danpalon skin, lit up by both interior spotlights and exterior projectors and decorated with adhesive signs created by artist Bonnefrite. Easily identifiable at night, the facade transforms into a modern stained glass in sunny weather, projecting a gradient of colours into the lobby.

The shade of the Danpalon®® was chosen to be as neutral as possible. “During the day, depending on the time and weather, the reflections change and it is sometimes difficult to tell what material has been used”, the architect comments. An offset alignment between the wooden base of the lobby and the top of the Danpalon® wall forms a canopy under which viewers waiting for a show can seek shelter in rainy weather.

“At night, this feature makes the building look all the more like a luminous floating box”, Nicola Delon concluded.

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