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Wednesday, 04 November 2015 14:45

PROTECTIVE BARRIER - Isaac Newton Academy, Ilford (UK)

To improve the educational environment of the Isaac Newton Academy primary school in Ilford, the architect has insulated part of the brick building by covering it with a Danpalon® rainscreen façade. The façade extends upwards from the roof to create an outdoor space protected in the same way. Quite a surprise!

arkT he architecture firm Pollard Thomas Edwards has conceived an astonishing project for the Isaac Newton Academy in Ilford, in London's eastern suburbs. In building this complex, consisting of a primary school, a secondary school and a sixth form, architect George Scott had to fit the primary school into an urban environment that was ill-suited to its young population, with noisy streets and a working fire station nearby. To overcome the problematic location, George decided to insulate the street-facing building as much as possible while conserving some of its overall architectural unity, which included building the ground floor from the same red brick as the façade of the existing secondary school.


Protective cocoon  

MJD 0867 HDR XTo achieve this, the architect designed a two-storey building with a primary brick structure, to which he attached a Danpalon® opal and crystal rainscreen cladding with a Softlite finish about sixty centimetres away from the building. The first floor houses common areas, such as the canteen, but the surprising aspect of the project lies in the architect's desire to give the Danpalon® rainscreen cladding a second function as the walls of a sports pitch located… on the roof!



MJD 0888-3The Danpalon® rainscreen façades thus extend upwards for the equivalent of an additional storey, enclosing the roof and creating outdoor space. While perfectly sheltered from the noise and the wind, the children are still aware of movement outside and can make the most of the light passing through the translucent cladding. When night falls, the Danpalon® rainscreen façades act as an illuminated beacon, reflecting the lights of the street and the traffic. Far from contenting himself with the austerity inspired by a brick façade, the architect has successfully modernised and brought to life the image of the Isaac Newton Academy and made its pupils’ lives more comfortable.

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Isaac Newton Academy - Ilford (United-Kingdom) - Danpalon® BRV 16, 900 mm, opal and clear Softlite, 641 m²

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