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A long-established shopping centre needed a dynamic new look to help it attract more customers to its city centre location. To meet the competing demands of aesthetics, material weight and cost, a vibrant new façade was designed using the Danpalon® BRV polycarbonate cladding system.


Constructed in the early 70’s, the Victoria Shopping Centre is a landmark building located in the heart of the busy city of Nottingham. It stands on the site of the old Nottingham Victoria Railway Station, and more than three million people live within a short drive of the Centre. The owners, intu engaged with Leslie Jones Architects of London to refurbish the existing building façade to give it a more dynamic look and feel that would help maintain its status as one of the region’s most popular shopping and leisure destinations.



Located in a very prominent city centre location and offering long views from multiple approach roads, the building required a façade treatment that would be both eye-catching and at the same time sympathetic to the surrounding streetscape.

The façade treatment would also need to continue to allow a high level of natural light through to the centre in the daytime and present an aesthetic design that would be equally effective during the night.

As an addition to the existing building structure, the new façade would also need to meet stringent material weight considerations while helping to achieve overall installation affordability targets. A further challenge lay in the need for all refurbishment work to be carried out while the Centre remained open for business.



To meet the multi-faceted design challenge, Leslie Jones Architects selected the Danpalon® BRV translucent polycarbonate cladding system from Everlite Concept.

During the day the pure ‘ice’ coloured Danpalon® panels present a bright and crisp contemporary look, while at night, the use of coloured LED backlighting animates the centre, making it a vibrant and highly visible landmark.

Danpalon®’s unique double-notch connector and wall bracket fixings enabled panels to be sized and oriented to achieve specific aesthetic effects. To ensure even LED backlight distribution across the larger panels, Everlite’s Softlite coating was applied.

The ultra-lightweight nature of the Danpalon® cladding system enabled installation of the new façade without affecting any great change to the existing building structure.

Importantly, the product’s quick and easy installation process also meant that large areas of cladding could be erected during the night, in time for the centre to be safely opened to the public in the morning.




The intu Victoria Centre’s all new façade has helped it to regain its former status as one of Nottinghamshire’s most prominent retail and leisure destinations.

Leslie Jones Architect’s bright, contemporary Danpalon® based redesign has dramatically improved the image of the Centre and has contributed to a significant upturn in its visitor numbers.

The revamped building has been well received by intu, the local authority and the people of Nottingham, who recognise the major role it has played in improving the overall look and feel of the city centre as a whole.

The Victoria Centre project was shortlisted in the 2015 BCSC (British Council for Shopping Centres) Awards in the best refurbishment and/or extension scheme (over £5 million) category.


  • Victoria center
  • Danpalon BRV Silver, Ice Softlite
  • Architects: Leslie Jones Architecture
  • Installer: Metclad
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