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A picture perfect multi-screen

Playing a key role in The Moor regeneration programme in Sheffield city centre, The Light multi-screen cinema complex required a vibrant façade that was just as attractive and welcoming during the day as it was at night.  A clever combination of coloured Danpalon® BRV rainscreen panels from Everlite Concept and LED backlighting provided a perfect solution.

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A major pedestrianised thoroughfare and Sheffield’s main post-war shopping precinct, The Moor is one of the Yorkshire city’s most important retail locations.
A regeneration programme begun in the late 2000’s aimed to transform the area into a more vibrant all-day leisure and retail destination.

The first phase, completed in 2013, brought the impressive Moor Market building, home to more than 90 independent food and retail outlets.

A multi-storey car park was added and a gymnasium opened above the market. The Moor was upgraded with granite paving, creative street furniture, lighting and trees.

Phase 2 of the Moor regeneration comprised a series of new retail units, a major retail store, a large multi-screen cinema, restaurants and bars. The flagship Primark store opened in October 2016, followed by The Light cinema and restaurant complex in Spring of the following year.

The concept and design of the strategically important cinema building façade was provided by Leslie Jones Architecture, with installation carried out by Keyclad.

The Moor by day


A vital component in The Moor regeneration programme and its goal to boost the destination’s daytime and night-time economy, the large multi-screen cinema building needed to stand out and help capture the public’s imagination.

At the same time, this very prominent city-centre building also had to sit comfortably in its modern urban environment, while complementing the natural scenic beauty of the more distant and green Sheffield skyline.

Unlike any other cinema complexes seen in the city before, The Light cinema needed to be sited upstairs, above two complete levels of smaller retail units and a mix of major brand restaurants and bars.

The multi-level cinema building was to house nine screens, equipped with state-of-the-art digital picture and sound technology and VIP luxury seating.






To meet the cinema’s competing aesthetic requirements, Leslie Jones Architecture created a unique semi-random façade design using a combination of coloured rainscreen cladding panels from Everlite Concept.

The rainscreen façade was composed of 16mm thick Danpalon® BRV panels in an array of four different and complementary colours:  green (with a softlite anti-glare co-extrusion), pearlescent green, opal and silver, and in two different widths: 600mm and 900mm.

Underneath the façade, composite aluminium/mineral fibre panels provided the building’s weather-proof skin, with Danpalon® BRV’s integrated system of fast-fix wall brackets and panel connectors used to create a 250mm air cavity between the outer cinema wall and the rainscreen.

Within the air cavity, 7,000 lumen linear LED lighting modules projecting downwards from the top of the cinema walls were used to provide night-time backlighting of the installation’s 3,000 square metres of translucent rainscreen cladding.

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The Light cinema’s innovative use of Danpalon® BRV rainscreen panels and energy efficient LED backlighting has created a uniquely attractive façade that has made it a prominent beacon for The Moor regeneration programme.



During the day the cinema’s muted green/grey colour palette sees it blend harmoniously with the Yorkshire skies, the urban setting and the more distant rural landscape.  At the same time, its clearly differentiated design ensures the cinema stands out from the busy retail environment below.

And at night-time the LED backlighting completely transforms the cinema façade on all sides of the building into a stunning light-box, with beautifully diffused and coloured illumination subtly fading out at the panels’ half-way point.  Its appearance is constantly bright and inviting, but never brash and outspoken.

Day or night, The Light cinema building has established itself as a very positive, eye-catching landmark for the Moor regeneration project and sets the bar high for the next exciting leisure and retail development phases already underway.


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"Creating the cinema façade above two successive storeys of regular, well-ordered retail units meants it needed a creative approach that would provide a strong visual contrats, one that really made its stand out. The comparative "randomness of the multi-coloured, multi-widht Danpalon panels gave us just the look we wanted."
Simon Brown, Project Manager, Leslie Jones Architecture.


  • The Moor Cinema – Shefflield
  • Danpalon BRV 16mm / 600 mm and 16mm / 900mm
  • Architects: Leslie Jones
  • Installer: Keyclad Limited
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