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Monday, 12 December 2016 12:05

Danpalon wall cladding and suspended ceiling in a fabulous interior refurbishment

How Danpalon® suspended ceiling panels helped the designer of the new Harvey Nichols Store

A major department store’s interior refurbishment was designed to add new excitement and vitality to one of the foremost luxury fashion retail brands. Danpalon® polycarbonate wall and suspended ceiling panels helped designers to meet the creative brief.



Harvey Nichols is recognised as one of the UK’s leading luxury fashion retailers and its stores are regarded as ‘the place to be seen’, offering customers the ultimate fashion experience.

One of its seven UK outlets is the anchor store of The Mailbox, Birmingham’s premier shopping and lifestyle destination, considered to be the go-to location for designer shopping in the Midlands region.

For a complete interior refurbishment, Harvey Nichols appointed London design agency Imagination, a leading innovator in consumer experience technology.
Material selection for the store’s wall cladding and suspended ceilings played a key role in a stunning new store design.


In refurbishing its 47,200 square feet Birmingham store, Harvey Nichols wanted to create an ambience that would truly reflect it’s unique combination of brand values, of style, daring, creativity and wit.

The new shopping environment needed to be a more exciting, imaginative space that took an innovative and boutique approach, one that moved away from the more traditional department store formulae.


In addressing the creative brief, Imagination based its design process on a theme of ‘controlled disruption’, which aimed to break the rules of department store design and redefine what luxury shopping means.

The agency created an unusual, almost subversive new design vocabulary, comprising an eclectic mix of materials, a contrast of rough and smooth surfaces and a quirky variety of furniture and fixtures.

For the store’s suspended ceilings and walls, Everlite Concept’s Danpalon® polycarbonate panel system was specified. With its wide choice of colours finishes and thicknesses, designers were able to create a visual effect with just the right level of reflection, translucence and lighting.

Importantly, Danpalon’s choice of 600mm and 900mm wide panels, in custom lengths of up to 12 metres, meant a smooth, seamless appearance could be achieved that further augmented the store’s luxury look and feel.

At the same time, the quick-install double-notch connector system, common to both suspended ceiling and wall cladding panels, added visual synergy as well as installation time-savings, while demountable ceiling panels ensured ready access to the store’s lighting and other building services.


Harvey Nichol’s Birmingham store refurbishment has been universally well received and is regarded as a game-changer for both the luxury brand’s own development and the retail industry as a whole. It was nominated for the 2015 Retail Week Award for Best Department Store. As well as introducing subtle new forms of bright, reflected imagery into the store’s ground-breaking interior design, the Danpalon panels have also succeeded in accentuating the height of the store’s large retail spaces.

Ewald Damen, Imagination’s architect in charge of the project commented,The wonderful brightness of the Danpalon polycarbonate panels and the way the light bounces off the walls and ceilings has created a truly unique effect which has far exceeded our expectations.”

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