Maintenance and operation centre Mettis, Metz (FR) - Canopy Danpalon® 16, 1040 mm, green, 6 000 m² - © R. Villaggi - Architects : Denu et Paradon (FR) - Contractor : Couvrest (FR) ; Cibetanche Descartes (FR)

A ballet of two hundred buses come and go every day from the new maintenance and operation centre in Metz – two hundred buses that need to be parked, cleaned, maintained and kept out of the bad weather, including snow, while also ensuring the safety of drivers and maintenance persons.


Traditionally, that function is accommodated in a large closed hangar. “This is a strategic site in a district  undergoing full rehabilitation, with an emphasis on integration. It would not have been possible to cover several hectares”, the architect Georges Rémy explains. To solve the equation, three canopies make up a large (6,000 m²) open structure that breaks up the space.


The metal frame is formed of diagonal lines with V-shaped posts, thinner at the bottom to facilitate  pedestrian traffic, and supporting a 6 by 11 m wide Danpalon® roof.The oblique lines of the posts provide interesting effects which we increased by placing the roofing in a herringbone pattern, to mimic  the bus storage”, Georges Rémy comments.


Colour-wise, the green of the roofing stands out against the greyish canopy environment: “When they arrive, visitors naturally tend to go towards the canopies, which diffuse and colour light”, Georges Rémy remarks. “We wanted to transform the outdoor spaces of the centre with these canopies; the result goes beyond our expectations”.

facade   ▪    Vented rainscreen   ▪    roofing   ▪    canopy   ▪    interior

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