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Jean Vilar School, Chalon-sur-Saône (FR) - Ventilated Danpalon® BRV 16, 1040 mm, yellow, green, purple, 1 600 m² - © Jérôme Beg - Architects : Perche & Bougeault (FR) - Contractor : Avenir Bois structure (FR)

During its renovation, the Jean Vilar school in Chalon-sur- Saône, a concrete building dating from the 1960s, underwent a drastic change of image. The main reason for the building’s rehabilitation was to improve its insulation, which was particularly poor and made it difficult to heat.

JV106We created an outer shell with a wood frame and glass wool insulation. We were able to work on the site during the school year, and avoided disruptions to the running of the school as far as possible. Work in the classrooms was limited and lasted only as long as it took to change windows and apply the finishing touches”, explains Patrick Bougeault, the project architect. The new facades make optimum use of the logic of the original horizontal composition to give it more strengthby superimposing coloured Danpalon®
aprons and wooden trumeaus above of the windows.
JV115 copieWe played on the contrast of the two materials”, Patrick Bougeault, the architect, comments. “The first is smooth and manufactured and its reflections give an evanescent character to the wall; the second is rougher, more natural, and will turn grey over time”. An array of colours enlivens the walls: the green on the lower section matches the lovely trees planted in the outside spaces, while the yellow on the upper section  makes the college stand out in the district, the purple allowing for transition between the two.

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