Saint-Exupéry School, Hellemmes (FR) - Ventilated Danpalon® BRV 10, 600 mm, serigraphy clear, 1200 m² - © David Hulot - Architects : Agence Marie-Pascale Bouchez Architectes (FR) - Contractor : SOGEA CARONI (FR)

In the vicinity of Saint-Exupéry school in Hellemmes, red maple leaves appear blown about by the wind along the front of the building.“Although the  neighbourhood is very urban, planted areas are found nearby and the leaves screen-printed on the Danpalon® walls are reminiscent of them. They are also a symbol of the HQE (High Environmental Quality) approach taken by the General Council of the North with the reconstruction of this building”, Guillaume Dufour,  the project manager at the Marie-Pascale Bouchez agency, explains.

 Danpalon serigraphy“We wanted a pattern of leaves that would not be based around the regular rhythm of the windows, but instead accumulate in certain areas, animating the facades and easing the rigidity of the building”.
 Danpalon serigraphyThree materials were used for the school: brick at the bases of all the buildings, providing strength and integration into the urban area; a moving wood trellis that announces the school from the neighbouring  streets; and Danpalon® on the front side for a modem and finished appearance, contrasting with the other two materials.
 Danpalon serigraphyThe scale of the school building is quite overwhelming. “The translucent effect of the Danpalon® is  interesting in this context. It gives depth, which, combined with the serigraphy, provides an aspect of lightness. The new school is less visible than the old one, although it is bigger and closer to the street”, Guillaume Dufour concludes.

facade   ▪    Vented rainscreen   ▪    roofing   ▪    canopy   ▪    interior

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