LB5 Dassault Aviation, Le Bourget (FR) - Facade Danpalon® 16, 1040 mm, clear, 740 m² - © Dassault Aviation - X. Béjot - Architects : Architecture Jean-Jacques Devilliers (FR) - Contractor : Mineur Becourt (FR)

Dassault Aviation’s new hangar in Le Bourget is both enormous in size and elegant in its design. Its modern aspect is conceived to showcase the flagship of the company, Falcon planes. “This is a building intended not only for parking aircraft but also for displaying them”, Jean-Jacques Devilliers, the architect, explains.

Dassault1Owing to the worked metal frame, there are no intermediate posts inside the structure, despite its imposing dimensions: 87 m long and 57 m wide. It was to be as luminous as possible to display the Falcons in the best conditions, respecting thermal constraints and maintaining a degree of privacy and confidentiality toward the exterior. The architect’s solution is a mixture of metal and Danpalon® cladding.
For Jean-Jacques Devilliers, “the play between the opaque surfaces of the metal cladding and the  Danpalon® sections gives a certain lightness to the unit”. Thanks to deliberately simple colours which come in a range of white, grey and transparent, the hangar easily blends into a fast-developing airport. “It adds a touch of modernity while still preserving the traditional aspect linked to the history of the airport”,
Jean-Jacques Devilliers comments.
Dassault3In addition, the reactions of the facade to time and light are fascinating”. As a special feature, a Danpalon® door opens onto almost the whole length of the building, i.e. 87 m, to display the planes and allow for moving them around.

facade   ▪    Vented rainscreen   ▪    roofing   ▪    canopy   ▪    interior

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