Carnival workshop, Saint-Pierre-de-Chandieu (FR) - Ventilated Danpalon® BRV 16, 1040 mm orange, gren, ice, blue, gold, silver, red, yellow, purple, 847 m² - Architects : ART CAM architectures (FR) - Contractor : Gecape Sud (FR)

The Carnival Workshop in Saint- Pierre-de-Chandieu, which houses carnival floats all year round, is adorned with multiple colours in vertical lines. Yet originally, the rehabilitation project for the hangar and the adjacent technical department building, as well as the construction of a community center, was designed entirely in wood.

ATELIER1The result would have been too heavy”, says Sébastien Chaput, the architect from Art Cam. “So the wood was reserved for the community center, and for the other buildings we used Danpalon® with a mix  of colours for the hangar and a more neutral tone for the technical departments. We worked on colour samples to get the best balance of combined shades”.
ATELIER2Gabions form a unifying base for the three buildings and protrude slightly, serving to protect the lower  section of the walls from the inevitable collisions involved in float handling.
ATELIER3At night, when the technical department building is left dark, the Carnival Workshop stands out under  carefully chosen lighting: LED bars fastened to the parapet on the upper section illuminate the entire height of the Danpalon® boards, while the top of the gabion base is underlined by grazing light.
This gives an impression of levitation, as if the upper section were lifted off the ground”, Sébastien Chaput says.

facade   ▪    Vented rainscreen   ▪    roofing   ▪    canopy   ▪    interior

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