Saint Thomas Church, Vaulx-en-Velin (FR) - Facade Danpalon® 16 and 20, 600 mm, clear and ice Softlite, 850 m² - © Frenchie Cristogatin - Architects : [Siz'-ix] Architectes (FR) - Contractor : Franck Saine (FR)

During the planning for the construction of the new Saint-Thomas church in Vaulx-en- Velin, architects talked with parishioners, who were highly involved in the project. “The specifications themselves were very succinct”, Emmanuelle Andreani, the architect, explains, “but as we met and talked, we felt we needed to incorporate lightness and luminosity into this place of sharing and community.

St Thomas 08We also played on the church’s location in an area undergoing renewal, on the message it could send out. First and foremost, it’s a project for the people”. It’s been a success: today, the church is filled with song every Sunday and used by a highly diverse community. In this plain and humble building, richness is to be found in the light that changes as the hours pass, in the interplay of bluish projections from a large vertical stained glass window on the choir side and the warm tones of the printed curtain wall on the entrance side. The thermal constraints required a specific study which prompted the use of a Danpalon® double skin for a long wall, bringing stability.
St Thomas 32It creates a luminous atmosphere, charged with depth as the light comes through the double skin”, Emmanuelle Andreani explains. Outside, the sun creates reflections on the crystal colour of the wall crisscrossed by yellow protruding cubes that form, in braille, the first word of the message of Saint Thomas: “Allons” (“Let us go). “We wanted to include this universal message of hope, congregation and energy”, Emmanuelle Andreani concludes.

facade   ▪    Vented rainscreen   ▪    roofing   ▪    canopy   ▪    interior

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