Sports Complex, Alès (FR) - Facade Danpatherm K7 opal and clear Softlite, 2 100 m² - Architects : Agence Didier Richard (FR) - Contractor : MCM Mériodionale de Cnstructions Métalliques (FR)

The new sports complex in Alès aims at being a practical place, intended for schools and the city’s sports associations. “Rather than a sports palace, the mayor wanted a tool for the city, with a controlled building cost”, Didier Richard, the project architect explains.

facade danpalon interior gymnaseMission accomplished, with the completion of two L-shaped adjacent buildings, fully covered with Softlite clear and opal Danpatherm K7 and protected by high protection treatment. One is a classic design and includes a handball and basketball court with a ceiling height of 7 m, while the other is lower, only 4 m in height, and houses martial arts rooms. “We designed two transparent and bright boxes that are neutral during the day and liven up at night thanks to the strip lights, which bring out the adhesive silhouettes of players stuck on the walls”, Didier Richard explains.
facade danaplon gymnaseDuring the day, the walls let the sun in whatever the time, allowing the space to benefit from the natural light and limiting the use of artificial lighting. They also provide the thermal insulation necessary for this kind of building. According to Didier Richard, “about fifteen degrees is sufficient for the activities that take place in the building. It is not heated when unused and if it gets too hot, a natural ventilation system on the roof handles the extraction of warm air”.

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