Sports Complex, Changé (FR) - Facade Danpatherm K7 blue Softlite, clear Softlite, 2 200m² - Architect : Pierre Cuyeu (FR) - Contractor : Deschamps SA (FR)

A bowling alley project for the Changé city club entrusted to architect Pierre Cuyeu has changed over several months into a 3,000 m² sports facility.

change1As the architect explains, “requests from sports clubs emerged and were added to the initial project as it  was being elaborated. Currently, it includes the initially planned bowling alley, as well as storerooms, offices, a dojo, an archery range, a gym and a weight room. The difficult part was to maintain the architectural consistency of a project which was constantly being added to over time”. Two separate sections linked by the entrance hall make up the facility. The bowling alley and archery range are incorporated into a 7 m high parallelepiped, with three Danpatherm K7 walls and the fourth in brightly coated concrete. “The blue  colour of the Danpatherm K7 conveys a soft and diffuse light that’s perfectly suited to the game of bowling”, Pierre Cuyeu comments.

And the resulting electricity savings are far from insignificant in the overall cost of running the building”. The other activity rooms are grouped together in the second section of the building, identical in volume to the  first, but here the Danpatherm K7 cladding is alternated with clear coating surfaces. The second level, laid out like an attic, is surrounded by a terrace covered by a canopy. Windows built into the translucent cladding play with the verticality of the boards.

facade   ▪    Vented rainscreen   ▪    roofing   ▪    canopy   ▪    interior

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ceNorme EN n°16153


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