Sun-Shade blades IN DEEP RED

Jules Ladoumègue Sports Complex, Paris (FR) - Facade Danpalon® red and clear, Controlite® grey and red sun-shade blades, 4 600 m² - © David Boureau-DFA - Architects : Agence Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes (FR) - Contractor : Vulcain (FR)

In Paris, land is rare and expensive. It is on the site previously occupied by the Jules Ladoumègue stadium that the walls of a new Maintenance and Storage Site (SMR) for the T3 tramway line have just been built.

sport facade red interiorIt was unthinkable that the Jules Ladoumègue would no longer offer its sports facilities to the district – so the stadium was simply rebuilt on the roof of the new building and now faces the ring road. Today, it includes a soccer field, a rugby field and as a buffer between them and the noise of the traffic, a long building housing tennis courts.
facade danpalon redThe west wall is Controlite®, with integrated brise soleil to protect from strong light and manage solar gain.
On the east side, which faces the sport fields, the Danpalon® wall is covered by a horizontal wooden lattice filter. Dietmar Feichtinger, the project architect, designed it as “a kind of artificial landscape, evocative of the synthetic grass”.
sun shine blade danpalonThe covered tennis courts are a nod to the new Paris Philharmonic concert hall, located in the  neighbouring park of La Villette, with alternating red and transparent Danpalon® panels evocative of piano keys. “Red is a colour that also features inside, in various materials, such as the cloth on the ceiling. It’s a theme that runs through the building”, concludes Dietmar Feichtinger.

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