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Drawings, images, patterns, trompe-l’oeil: creativity can also be expressed in digital form, and limitlessly so, on building surfaces. Certified by accelerated ageing tests, post-printing treatments can now guarantee colour resistance for 10 years in outdoor conditions.

  • The 3D ef fect panel which filters the light
3DLITE is a new polycarbonate panel with brise soleil blades extruded directly in the panel. The alternating opaque and translucent cells control solar gain for a better diffusion of light, while providing unique relief and depth effects.
  • Renowned expertise

EVERLITE CONCEPT has received the CSTB’s Avis Technique (Technical Advice agreement) for its vented rainscreen system marketed under the name Danpalon® BRV. The procedure outlined in this document can be used with all frames, thicknesses, colours and finishes in the Danpalon® range..
  • In pursuit of bioclimatic concepts

Finding the right balance between efficient thermal insulation, optimised ventilation and use of natural solar gain remains a complex equation that construction designers currently have to address. To do so requires a true return to the basics of conceptual approaches to buildings, plus the incorporation of variables specific to the occupants’ expectations. The search for solutions for such an approach has begun, and the industry is showing a great deal of ingenuity to achieve it. Controlite® is one of the answers: it combines control of solar gain and thermal insulation in a single concept. The brise soleil blades integrated into this double skin system allow for automatic management of solar gain for a smart and efficient building design. The prospects for the coming years look good. 

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