Joint interview with Cyril Moureton, General Manager of EVERLITE and Delfin Braga, Manager of the Energy Engineering Department, HPC-SA.

Cyril Moureton, the Everlite product catalogue was released in an ArchiWIZARD format one year ago. Have you been able to test, validate and demonstrate the performance of your products with this tool?

CM : The digital catalogue is surely the missing link in the specification of added value technical products when you want to get the best use out of solar light and heat gain. The high number of downloads from our site 350) shows that it provides the solutions needed by architects and engineering firms faced with the new requirements RT2012 (the latest French thermal regulations rules). Products like Controlite® or the brand new 3DLITE can display their full potential and demonstrate their advantages through ArchiWIZARD. In addition, there is not a week that goes by without our technical support being approached about the energetics aspect of our systems. Now, we have the means to provide specific and costed responses.


Delfin Braga, what are the results of this year for you?

DB : Everlite was one of the first building materials companies to believe in the ability of ArchiWIZARD to create detailed product simulations.
Our collaboration, which was initiated over a year ago, has allowed us to demonstrate the performance of high technology products, such as Controlite®, and the natural lighting and solar gain simulation capacity of ArchiWIZARD.


So far, their catalogue has been downloaded
more than 200 times from our web site ( This reflects the interest in the industry for this type of product and brings contacts or potential prospects for the company.

Since 1st July 2013, ArchiWIZARD has been on the list of regulatory software for RT2012 calculations.
What impact has this had on your approach to products?

CM : It is clearly a competitive advantage. By working upstream (the first developments date back to early 2011) on RT2012 software solutions, we became the first to integrate the future needs of engineering firms.

Via ArchiWIZARD, we have been able to come up with all the answers to their questions.


What kinds of simulations can be done?


DB : Various products from the Everlite range are included in the catalogue downloadable from our site. This catalogue reproduces almost all the products, from Danpalon® in various thicknesses
to the most recent, 3DLITE.

By including these innovative products at the core of its project with ArchiWIZARD, the contractor can test the diffusing capacity of the polycarbonate solutions in order to ensure optimum luminous comfort and protection from glare.

Leur produit Controlite® va même plus loin : ce système assure un seuil de lux constant dans le bâtiment en réglant la position des lames incluses dans les cellules polycarbonates.

Their Controlite® product goes even further: this system ensures a consistent light level in the building by adjusting the position of the blades in
the polycarbonate cells. The simulations conducted in ArchiWIZARD provide an indication of the proportion of time for which that level is maintained by dynamically modelling the position of the blades in the panel.

CM : The 1.0 catalogue also includes our Danpatherm K7 system guaranteed by Avis Technique. This translucent double skin pre-assembled in the factory offers outstanding thermal efficiency and permits the construction
of large translucent and luminescent walls while avoiding solar overheating.


What changes are planned?

DB : We are currently finalising version 2.0 of the Everlite catalogue which includes high tech products such as Controlite Z and W as well as 3DLITE, which is in a way a static Controlite®. When properly positioned on the building, the 3DLITE offers excellent luminous comfort on the premises.

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