CM : The brand new 3DLITE system is a unique and revolutionary design: its physical characteristics (light transmission, solar factor) change throughout the day and with the movements of the sun, so as to optimise natural lighting and reduce overheating. ArchiWIZARD is the only software to allow us to reproduce these functions in such a simple, user-friendly manner: it involves dragging and dropping the product onto a wall, which then adopts its characteristics. As Delfin Braga mentions, the double skin versions of our Controlite® and the W and Z systems will also be available in version 2.0 of our catalogue with improved thermal efficiency and an even better controlled solar factor.

AW2What are the prospects?

DB : ArchiWIZARD now allows its users to simulate Everlite products in their projects. Since Everlite knows the strength of the simulation by ArchiWIZARD ray-tracing, we want to reinforce our links and work with their Research and Development department in order to offer new,  increasingly innovative products, in advance, for use in secure and energy-saving projects.

AW4In addition, Everlite will be one of the first partners in our community platform MyArchiWIZARD (see box below). The catalogue is available on MyArchiWIZARD. This platform will offer contractors a direct exchange with experts in the study and design phases.

AW3CM : The cooperation with the companies RayCREATIS and HPC-SA (developers of simulation programmes) is excellent and our trusting relationship allows us to progress smoothly in our development projects. We’re certainly not lacking in ideas, and knowing that we can model the results before making heavy investments is a real advantage.


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facade   ▪    Vented rainscreen   ▪    roofing   ▪    canopy   ▪    interior

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