B'Z motel, Busan (Korea) - Facade Danpalon® 16, 600 mm, ice et 1040 mm, blue, 750 m² - © Yun Joon Hwan - Architect : Yoon Jaemin (Korea) - Installer : Daeho Tech (Korea)

Simplicity, clarity, modernity, 3 rediscovered qualities of the B’z motel, a hotel located in the central district of Busan (Korea).

bzExternally, the thirty year-old building was indistinguishable from the surrounding commercial buildings: disparate architecture of bricks, glass and stones, dark colours and facades pervaded with markings and shop signs, illuminated at night by a jumble of artificial lights. The intervention of Architect Yoon Jaemin simplified everything and restored a strong personality to the building.







IMG 1105-01For the facade on the street, he relied on a Danpalon® wave including the old building. This curved facade creates effects of depth thanks to the diversity of volumes as well as the transparency of the material, highlighted by the play of lights. Placed on the metal structure, LEDs change with time and improve the visibility of the hotel, a key aspect for customers in this neighbourhood with narrow alleys.





IMG 1117-0The customers are received in a completely renovated lobby and enclosed by blue Danpalon® partitions, which are illuminated by LEDs, at different points of the facade.

facade   ▪    Vented rainscreen   ▪    roofing   ▪    canopy   ▪    interior

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ceNorme EN n°16153


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