MIN, Toulouse (France) - Facade Danpalon® 16, 1040 mm, green, 616 m² - © Yohann Gozard - Architects : AR-QUO, Architectes au Quotidien (FR) - Installer : CANCE, Constructions Métalliques (FR)

Playing with the material, the sun’s rays led the ArcQuo Architect’s Office to modify the development of the new building, welcoming the wholesale flower and house plant business of the Toulouse MIN (National Market)..

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“We had planned a Chinese silhouette of the frame structure and cladding with lighting from inside, visible from the street through the Danpalon® facade”,
says Jean-Louis Jérémie, Architect from the Ar-Quo agency. “We noticed that during sunny days; numerous in Toulouse, light was diffracted through the Danpalon® cells creating a “mysterious” radiance that seemed to make up many heavenly and fleeting messages changing with time.






20120806 Eos5DmkII 012137e2 WEBThis magical effect continues during the night thanks to the reflection of city lights..

To  achieve this, we preferred to modify the  lighting, initially planned and enhance  the black concrete foundation inlayed with Latin texts”.





03 - 20120901 MIN 012689 sourceHRnet 20x30Part of the restructuring of MIN, this new building, located at the north entrance of Toulouse, acts as a model in a neighbourhood in search of an image. Jean-Louis Jérémie explains: “we took advantage of a simple architectural style that relies on simplicity and on the contrast between the black, opaque and heavy concrete and the lightness, transparency and green colour of Danpalon®. A dialogue is created between these two materials”.

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