Waste treatment centre in Newhaven, Newhaven (Unighted Kingdom) - Facade and roofing Danpalon® 16, 1040 mm, clear Softlite, 5300 m² - © S'PACE SA Architecture & Urbanisme - Architects : Jean Robert MAZAUD, S'pace (FR) - Installer : Lakesmere (UK)

Imposing in size but well-integrated in its environment, the waste treatment centre in Newhaven is located on quite a difficult terrain, along the Ouse river, wedged between heterogeneous industrial buildings and residential areas, along a regional park.

bat7-46The building is partially buried and emerges from the ground only 27 m high out of the 45 m required for the waste treatment process that is carried out over 200 m in length.









2011-centre-traitement-déchets-NEWHAVEN-UK-INDUSTRIEL-COUV-FACADE-DP16-1040-CRISTAL-SOFTLITE-SPACE-94-LAKESMERE-UK-5300M²-F0260BSLAll that can be seen has been softened, rounded, curved to visually blur the building and reduce the impact on the environment. The building exterior is designed in three parts, which corresponds to different stages of the waste treatment.





2011-centre-traitement-déchets-NEWHAVEN-UK-INDUSTRIEL-COUV-FACADE-DP16-1040-CRISTAL-SOFTLITE-SPACE-94-LAKESMERE-UK-5300M²-F0260ASLOn one side, the waste is received under a steel cladding, whereas at the other end an apse in porous textile covers the cooling elements. Between the two, a huge Danpalon® hall covers the processing pit and the heart of the system. During the day, light enters and lights up the installations. At night, the continuous activity of the building is gently enhanced with minimal light pollution.




2011-centre-traitement-déchets-NEWHAVEN-UK-INDUSTRIEL-COUV-FACADE-DP16-1040-CRISTAL-SOFTLITE-SPACE-94-LAKESMERE-UK-5300M²-F0260CSLIn slightly cloudy weather, the milky appearance of the cladding allows it to almost merge with the sky, thus minimising the visual impact of the imposing building. It was a difficult architectural choice to have made transparent what is usually opaque, and curve what is usually square. A choice that has had a positive effect as this treatment centre has not been subject to the usual controversies that these kind of projects are generally known to face.

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