Book Trade House, Forcalquier (France) - Facade Danpalon® 16, 1040 mm clear, 215 m² - © Michel Denancé - Architects : R+4 Architectes (FR) - Installer: C Cube (FR)

One place, one architect, one artist, one project: all these elements linked to the book were necessary for transforming the former police station of Forcalquier into a business hotel dedicated to the publishing trade.



Plan maisondulivre Page 1It was a rather unusual building of the 60s, with garages on the ground floor and accommodation on the first floor. From the outset, we thought of removing all internal walls and changing them to a covered, open and unheated external passageway,” recounts Bernard Brot, Architect from the R+4 agency.



R4 FORCALQUIER 0711 09Elevators, stairs, offices and common services all open onto this large corridor, which then becomes a place for movement and meetings. It is by discovering the possibility of screen-printing Danpalon® that the  Architect has opted for this material, which makes the passageway a thermal  lobby sheltered from the wind. For the patterns, he called upon Marie Morel, an artist related to Forcalquier through his parents, editors settled in this Provençal town in the 70s.


R4 FORCALQUIER 0711 08“The large canvases of Marie Morel are filled with details, materials and writings. After studying it many times and with the Artist’s consent, it was adapted to the scale of our project so that the drawings and writings were legible,” explains Bernard Brot..

The first picture is screen-printed in orange, white and black on grey Danpalon® covering the passageway while a second picture is printed on the shutters, indicating that the place is a part of the writing trade..

facade   ▪    Vented rainscreen   ▪    roofing   ▪    canopy   ▪    interior

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