Gymnasium la Grange au Bois, Metz (France) - Facade Danpalon® 10 clear, 16 clear Softlite, 600 mm, Controlite®, 1080 m² - © Nicolas Waltefaugle - Architect : J.M Gremillet Architecte (FR) - Installer : Soprema (FR)

Combining gabions and Danpalon® on the outside, the Grange au Bois gymnasium has an outstanding architecture at the entrance of the Metz town. Stones encased in metal racks form a shell, designed by the Project Manager to withstand the risks of deterioration.

GyGAB043“It is also an environmental approach that promotes the local natural product - the Jaumont stone,” adds Jean-Marie Gremillet, the Project Architect.

Above this protective base, stands a translucent facade, which provides the required illumination to the sports hall.








GyGAB017"On the south side is a system made up of a Danpalon® layer and a Controlite® layer separated by an air gap of 70 cm. “We could have opted for a double skin with integrated blinds in the cavity. We preferred to choose Controlite® that brings a lot in terms of ease of use for a sports hall: automatic control, self-regulation every fifteen minutes, adjustment of the position of fins according to the sunlight, heating in winter,” explains Jean-Marie Gremillet.




GyGAB001A technical adaptation was required on this site: the motorisation of Controlite® shutters, usually on the top part, is moved here to the bottom of the facade for easy maintenance.

The north side and the west gable are meanwhile treated with Danpalon® 16 mm Softlite, “to avoid the discomfort of late afternoon in summer,” says Jean-Marie Gremillet.

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