Vélodrome, Roubaix (France) - Facade Danpalon® Double : Danpalon® 20 (outdoor), Danpalon® 16 (indoor), 600 mm, clear Softlite, 2380 m² - © David Coppieters - Architects : ANAA Architectes (FR) - Installer : Carlier Lescut (FR) ; Demathieu et Bard (FR) - Engineers: PROJEX (FR)

A short distance from the velodrome used for the mythical Paris-Roubaix race, we arrive at a second covered velodrome, which hosts local clubs and high level competitions on a 250m wooden track. The building, which can accommodate up to 1,500 spectators, is a scaled version of the oval shape of the Siberian larch track, over 1,400 metres high.

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To lighten the construction, the ground floor is fully glazed, and constitutes the foundation of the ring formed by Danpalon® supported by a metal framework. e“This makes it possible to lift the translucent ring off the floor to give the impression that it is floating in the air, bringing light and airiness to the complex,” explains Thomas Houot, Architect from the ANAA agency.




18 22 06 12 DSC3156Apart from the rounded shape and the considerable height (11m) that it allows, Danpalon® has also been selected for its thermal and lighting properties, essential in this HQE project. “We had to limit energy consumption and we have sought to make maximum use of natural lighting. The light we get through the structure is gentle and of excellent quality,”  explains Thomas Houot.




 DSC6283“Furthermore, at night, we wanted the activity inside to be visible from the outside. In addition to specific lighting for the track, we placed polycarbonate tubes with fluorescent light sources on top of the walking frames and terraces. At night the structure becomes transparent and the building looks like a lantern”.

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