Pound Lane Sky, (UK) - Danpalon® ice, clear, clear Softlite - Architects : Buller Welsh, Chartered architectes (UK) - Installer : Architectural products (UK)


Accommodation for eighty five people, but also a medical area, Internet access, a kitchen, a public café - these are the services offered at the new homeless shelter of the St. Mungo Community Housing Association Limited, at Pound Lane, In the Brent district of London.

The idea is to welcome the homeless people in an open place full of hope.


It was inconceivable to open windows in the three northern facades overlookingthe adjacent cemetery. 


Rather than to leaving them blind, these walls were conceived as three canvasses through which the homeless centre can communicate with its surroundings, using works of art on an urban scale.

Three large bays, shaped from long blades of Danpalon® and with simple geometrical forms, animate the facades with two shades, ice and crystal, and two finishes, normal and Softlite. The result, during the day, is a play of reflected light that changes depending on the time of day and the movement of the passing onlookers.

carre 1

At night, an array of LEDs backlights the bays and offers immense creative possibilities thanks to a wide range of
colours and light intensities. The pattern of light created may be changed with the passing of the hours and with
the seasons in a way practically unperceivable, following a programmed cycle or in response to external events.
These coloured, translucent bays bring subtle movement to the buildings and the neighbourhood.

facade   ▪    Vented rainscreen   ▪    roofing   ▪    canopy   ▪    interior

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ceNorme EN n°16153


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