University Restaurant Dauphine, Paris (FR) - Danpalon® ice - © Hervé Abbadie - Architects : SCP Beguin & Macchini, Architectes D.E.N.S.A.I.S (FR) - Installer : AMT (FR)

courbe dauphine

The university restaurant at Paris Dauphine was renovated in order to improve the level of the services and comfort  offered to students. “The objective was to give it an identity of its own and to make it more appealing by putting in place modern food services with a very smooth service. We have therefore completely reorganized this space“ says architect
Jean-André Macchini. “The project revolves around a wide illuminated curve that surrounds the whole technical block
of cooking and of washing“.

vue face  dauphineExecuted In Danpalon®, this curve is visible from anywhere in the dining area, thus serving as a landmark. It forms a cladding in front of a wall of white concrete, which diffuses the light of neon elements located above. The installation was simple: “the material, which is lightweight, created the curve on its own. There has been no need for bending it,” notes Jean-André Macchini.

The colour chosen, clear, is purposely neutral. “We wanted an effect both monochromatic and luminous, since the curved wall is located in a ratherdark area,” explains Jean-André Macchini. It is intended to counterbalance and illuminate the black floor of the entrance, the beige tone of the hall and the red of the elliptic acoustic material hung from the 10 metre ceiling of the big hall.

For the openings providing access to the cooking and washing area, thechoice fell on stainless steel frames  which are associated with the serving counters nearby, also made of stainless steel.

facade   ▪    Vented rainscreen   ▪    roofing   ▪    canopy   ▪    interior

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