Gymnasium René Cassin, Mâcon (FR) - Danpalon® clear Softlite - © Patrick Nerguisian - Architect : François Chambaud, Chambaud architectes (FR) - Installer : Baux (FR)

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One enters the René Cassin gymnasium in Mâcon through a Large cube of light, within which climbers are in motion. ”We wanted this entrance to be an icon, and put the climbing wall up front rather than at the back of the gymnasium as is often the case.”

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”We” means the architects of the firm Chambaud, who have enlarged and restructured the gymnasium. For the entrance, the aesthetic result was successful, with the facade material ”which changes throughout the day from a translucent milky rendering toa reflective metallic appearance, and becomes transparent at night,” explains François Chambaud.


Such is also the technical result, with an environmentally designed concept inspired by passive houses.

CASSIN plan-masse“The entrance, facing southeast, captures the heat in the winter and conveys it throughout the rest of the building. Savings on heating is estimated at 20%,” comments François Chambaud.

Connected to the former gymnasium through this entrance, a new gym needed plenty of light, as natural as possible without glaring. It is borne by the upper half of the walls constructed with Danpalon® with a Softlite finish on the interior surface to soften the light.

On the facade, vertical blinds positioned at 45° provide additional protection. ”From the outside, the visual rendering is 

not the same, depending on your vantage point: from one side we see the blinds, from the other, the Danpalon® and its special rendering,” concludes François Chambaud.

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