Atlantis sud, Saint-Geours-de-Maremne (FR) - Danpalon® ice Softlite - Architect : Jean-Luc Baldelli and Arnaud Guirao, Air-architectes (FR) - Installer : Montoise de miroiterie (FR)

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For the resource centre of the Atlantic South, at Saint-Geours-de-Maremne (40), Air-Architectes chose to work with the local Lande pine wood industry. The building combines a wooden frame, facade cladding panels of wooden veneer, and blinds from edged pine and Danpalon® with a contrasting neutral colour.

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"We chose this material for its qualities: it does not weigh on the structure, it has a green label, it keeps an industrial appearance
and provides ease of use,” explains the architect John luc Baldelli. Another advantage is its quick installation: ”With a wooden frame, the installation is very quick; this is the advantage of the dry method,” indicates the architect.




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Inside the building, offices and ten workshops for emerging businesses. Outside, the facades are all different. ” Some are made of single layer Danpalon® for the workshop section.

Others are dual-layer, with a wooden structure supporting full chambers and Danpalon® cladding or wooden veneer panels,” indicates Jean-Luc Baldelli.

On some facades exposed to the sun, a secondary frame is added to support blinds in edged wood in front of the polycarbonate. As regards the southern facade it is designed based on the principle of the bioclimatic walls: one metre past the Danpalon® wall
there is a wall of clear glass. In the winter, the heated air in this space is injected into the offices.

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