Offices for organisations, Joue-lès-Tours (FR) - Danpalon® bronze - © Christophe Demonfaucon - Architect : Catherine Geoffroy & Franck Zonca (FR) - Installer : Franchet and Bousquet (FR)

The Second city of indre-et-Loire, Joué-les-Tours wished for a place on the level of the dynamism of its occupants. A cluster of buildings of unoccupied housing units, situated in a part-industrial, part-suburban area, near the city centre, thus became the heart of the city’s community life.

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A rectangular column of housing units was transformed into a colourful hive of offices for organisations. “In order to break the appearance of this big building, we have dressed it up in tilted Danpalon® Rainscreen (BRV) cladding, which gives it a contemporary look,” explains Catherine Geoffroy, an architect at the Geoffroy Zonca company.

The openings have been resized, so as to be different from each other. They are worked as alveoli, with embrasures in orange Altuglass, which are intended to highlight the bronze colour. The Danpalon®, components, each 12 metres high, also make it possible to cover the roofing. They are illuminated from inside by LEDs, in order” to enliven the neighbourhood at night,” commented Catherine Geoffroy. 



2009-Maison-des-associations-Joué-les-Tours-37-culturel-DP8-BRV-Bronze-Geoffroy-Zonca-75-SOCIETE-FRANCHET-NOUVELLE37-913.93m²-F0180H-SLThe colour bronze was chosen to match the two other buildings of the project, one in the colour of bricks tinged with orange and the other covered with expanded metal. ”We wanted to remain in the shades of industrial metal while awakening the neighbourhood with dynamic colours and a reminder of bricks. In addition, the brightness, the lightness of the material, as well as the ease of applying it to a metallic structure, caught our interest,” concluded Catherine Geoffroy.

facade   ▪    Vented rainscreen   ▪    roofing   ▪    canopy   ▪    interior

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