Public housing - Paris OPH, Paris (FR) - Danpalon® BRV ice - © Simon Deprez - Architect : Philippe Dubus (FR) - Installer : Pierre Evolution (FR)

dubus-paris-3Entering a site with tall buildings built in the 1960’s on an already tightly built block, satisfying strict zoning requirements and achieving energy savings at the BBC standard - the challenge of building 60 housing units, presented to the Philippe Dubus agency by Paris Habitat – OPH, was not easy to meet.

The solution: compact buildings, elevated on stilts, insulated externally and with a lightweight appearance.

“This project derives its power and expression from all those constraints. It was not possible to fight the identity of the existing buildings, which was strong, relentless and displaying a distinctly vertical frame.

dubus-paris-1I have therefore chosen an fleeting, neutral material, with a reflective and translucent texture that changes according to the light and gives an imprecise and ambiguous reading of the constructed spaces,” claims Philippe Dubus.

After testing, the choice of the colour scheme for the Danpalon® materials fell on the shade ‘ice’, for its neutrality, enhanced by the white weather protection on the underside. This surface forms a double aerated skin over thermal insulation reinforced from the exterior.

It is dotted with a mixed wood-aluminium chassis and with bow-windows that appear to be floating on the facade. “We played on a 600mm frame, with random openings, always with multiples of 600mm, which encourages a different reading than that of the existing buildings,” Philippe Dubus points out.

facade   ▪    Vented rainscreen   ▪    roofing   ▪    canopy   ▪    interior

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