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Portsmouth Waste Management Centre

From the gross to the subtle, from the opaque to the immaterial – this is the basic principle of a waste treatment plant – perfectly illustrated in the building designed by S’PACE architectural firm for Onyx UK in Portsmouth.

Industrial elegance, comes to mind when looking at this building. Paying constant attention to architectural detail, the designers were able to ennoble an activity whose image, all too often, is far from being perceived as positive. Here, the 16mm crystal Danpalon® was used for the cladding of the part of the plant housing the ovens and the emissions processing equipment in order to bring natural light into the very heart of the building.

But in addition to the quality of lighting, the translucency of the Everlite system serves as a basic affirmation: this plant has nothing to hide. “The semi-transparent light hints at the process used to create it, thus setting it off to its best advantage in the environment. One immediately feels that this is a clean and perfectly controlled activity.”

The very architecture of the plant perfectly illustrates its functional purpose. The opacity of the rectilinear space housing the waste holding tank gradually gives way to the curves and translucent appearance of the Danpalon®. This transition from the material to the intangible is representative of the entire waste treatment process.

  • Architect(s): S’Pace
  • Company: Gable
  • Product(s): Danpalon® 16 600 et 1040 mm cristal
  • Place: Portsmouth (Grande Bretagne)

facade   ▪    Vented rainscreen   ▪    roofing   ▪    canopy   ▪    interior

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ceNorme EN n°16153


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