Innovating solutions
for optimal solar and thermal comfort

Since 1987, our solutions have magnified the light
Isaac Newton Academy, Ilford (United-Kingdom) - Danpalon® opal and clear Softlite
© Mitchell Duncan & Associates Limited- Architects: Pollard Thomas Edwards - Installer: Clarke Facades
EVERLITE CONCEPT is leading the French market through its innovative solutions combining luminosity, heat insulation,solar comfort and creativity for all your facade, cladding, roofing, atrium, canopy, false ceiling and internal projects.
The Light envelope
Blackburn Youth Zone (UK) - Danpalon® 16 1040 mm orange
© David Millington - Installer: Colourclad Ltd
EVERLITE CONCEPT offers innovative and flexible solutions for the building envelope, which ensure the comfort of natural light and high-quality thermal performance.
Treatment centre, Suffolk (United-Kingdom) - Danpalon® blue Softlite
© Tata Steel Europe Limited - Architects : Tata Steel - Grimshauw - Installer : CA Group Limited
Our systems, colours and finishes bring to buildings a unique appearance. From translucency to opacity, the facade changes appearance and reveals a variation of light reflexions depending on the course of the day.
Vue Cinema Gateshead Trinity Square, Gateshead (United Kingdom)- Danpalon® ice
© Steve Mayes Photography - Architect: 3D Reid - Installer: Keyclad Limited
EVERLITE CONCEPT’s solutions are lightweight and do not require massive structures allowing the translucidity of the material to perform by distributing the natural daylight evenly and comfortably.
Light & Insulation
ELSA (United Kingdom) - Danpalon® double ice
© David Millington - Architect : Michael Cambden - Installer : Weatherwise Special Projects
We are constantly working on the visual and thermal comfort in buildings. We develop products to provide natural  light to the interior while insulating from the cold and heat. We achieve this by offering ready-to-install systems which integrate either an insulating air space or  a translucent insulating material.
Nursery Le Moulin en Herbe, Paris (FR) - Danpalon® blue, lime, red
© Arnaud Rinuccini – Architects : Pablo Katz Architecture – Installer : BMG Entreprise
In walls, partitions, false ceilings, EVERLITE CONCEPT solutions create sparkle and brightness, highlighting your interior by adding lighting that produces a softly-lit and sophisticated environment.
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